11 Pipers Piping – In a Flash and a Flame

16th December 2020
Ace has long been a fan of the insight and intelligence contained in the articles published by Flashes and Flames. In their weekly bulletin Flashes and Flames get to the heart of the matter with articles detailing not just what is happening but what could or should be happening.

We highlight below several of the articles that caught our eye and have indeed been recommended reading to our students attending the Ace Empower Industry Training Programme. But what of the team behind these great insights? Scroll down to find the link that will tell you more.

Flashes and Flames has become an essential weekly read for anyone in the media and publishing business  Albert Read – Managing Director – Conde Nast Publications




In an article published on 10th July 2020 titled Can Reach escape history? F&F suggested that Reach needed, at the very least, to acquire one or more significant digital businesses to change its profile and profits. The acquisitions could be in e-commerce, news, entertainment, or sport.

They added Reach might also start creating online audio or video channels – with new brands as well as existing ones. Could the Daily Mirror launch a popular version of the UK radio/ podcast/ streaming network launched this month as Times Radio?

In a recent presentation to the Ace Empower delegates by the Reach regional team we learnt that Reach is clearly doing so many things well just now as their regional titles have shown great recovery and their digital presence , ranked 5th in 2019, continues to rapidly grow page views over 2019’s immense 8bn figure


Moving on to July F&F pondered What’s behind the Future ‘miracle’? commenting on a great story of reinvention in a market where magazines everywhere have been shredded by lost readers and advertisers. To read the article in full you will need to subscribe, as the majority of senior figures in our industry already do,



Notably this article was prior to the announcement that Future would acquire GoCompare but it makes interesting reading to look back at the comment towards the end of the article “The real question is what, ultimately, is Zillah Byng-Thorne creating? ………Increasingly sophisticated e-commerce channels, perhaps including subscriber clubs to maximise e-commerce. ”







Flashes and Flames is known by it’s by line “By media experts for media experts” and to find out more about the team and to subscribe behind the brand click here

Colin Morrison OBE, who launched Flashes and Flames in 2011 will be contributing to the Ace Empower Final Presentations on Thursday 25th March 2021, keep in touch with Ace to find out more.

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