Gold Key Corporate Milestone

2nd November 2017
Specialist audience engagement agency and media distributor Gold Key Media have proven over many years their ability to adapt and evolve continuously to suit industry demands.

Recently Gold Key Media’s corporate office distribution programme achieved a significant milestone – it now accesses in excess of 300,000 people per day via the bespoke racks located in prestigious offices across London, Manchester and Birmingham. This now allows consumer brands to sample their products to mass targeted audiences very quickly and effectively.

So far they’ve worked with cosmetic brands and confectioners but the opportunity for growth and variety is endless explains MD Chris Horn,.

“Our bespoke racks are located in the reception areas of the headquarters of some of the world’s most iconic brands. In London we are located in Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Arcadia, Mediacom, Sony, British Airways, and Adidas. In Manchester we have locations such as, ITV, BBC, Granada, CBRE, KPMG . Our scale is huge and we are able to access targeted audiences across multiple industry sectors. The sampling is passive, allowing individuals to choose the goods or publications they wish to sample, thus removing waste and the need to employ expensive sampling staff.  This method of product sampling is a significant step forward for many brands looking for a more targeted and effective sampling environment, and I believe it complements their wider ranging strategic out of home brand activity.”

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Contact: Blossom Mayer PR AND MARKETING EXECUTIVE  T: +44 207 491 4065


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