Retail optimism highlighted

19th May 2015
The class of 2015 Ace Empower Course delegates had more than enough reason to feel optimistic about the retail marketplace for Newspapers & Magazines as they completed their eighth module on Tuesday 19th May.


“Fish where the fish are”

Steve Rogers of Fore Consultancy demonstrated that genuine opportunities exist to expand distribution of Newspapers & Magazines beyond the present retail footprint.

Steve identified the shift in general consumer purchasing patterns (see graphic right) and offered a platform for success in adapting the supply model to previously unexploited channels such as discounters and Ferries.

“Customers that purchase either a newspaper or magazine spend on average £9.46 (+36%) more than those with no news products in their baskets”
What is key is a vision to create a mutually compliant solution and the enthusiasm to deliver on the programme. There is no doubting the success this can yield as one discounter channel has seen basket spend increase and is expanding a Newspaper & Magazine offer to 645 stores by year end.



“Key Strategies for profit leverage within independents”

NFRN Head of News – Brian Murphy presented a compelling and refreshing vision that is seeing the NFRN build solid platforms to increase revenues for their members.

Through NewsPro they are working closely with retailers to capture the optimum range for their space and local demographic. It was interesting to learn that despite winning 3 Ace Awards Panini is often under represented within independent retail owing to the retailers poor past supply sale performance. NewsPro support can overcome the background issues that cause these situations to arise and drive revenue per sq metre much higher

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