Career Satisfaction Survey Results

27th June 2015
Our industry relies upon young talent to contribute positively to the future success of the many brands and professional disciplines within the newspaper and magazine marketplace. Our survey on career satisfaction has delivered some encouraging results

At Ace we are inspired to support the development of talent within the newspaper and magazine industry. In particular we view development of young talent as critically important. To aid this goal we need to know the views this group have on their present career development.


Survey Results

In June 2015 Ace sent out a survey inviting employees aged from 18 to 32 years of age to tell us how they felt the industry, their employer and their immediate management were contributing to their career.

Over 52% of respondents viewed their line manager as very helpful or extremely helpful with their career development planning

This is significantly positive although we are concerned that almost 19% of respondents viewed the same question very differently noting that their line manager was not all helpful.


Survey in Detail

Ace posed a number of questions looking at topics listed below, the full survey overview is available as a PDF to download by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Employment Longevity
  2. Line Manager Support
  3. Department Head Support
  4. Value of Input in Decision Making
  5. Access to Resources
  6. Managing Workload
  7. Pay and Benefits
  8. Employer Satisfaction
  9. Next Career Step
  10. Career Recommendation
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