The bursary

Ace is committed to developing our industry’s talent through providing and facilitating education and training; a key initiative has been the ACE Bursary that was launched in 2012.
Each year we invite young talent from our affiliated businesses to apply and vie for individual bursaries of up to £5,000 to fund relevant further education that would enable them to grow their career.
The aim of this initiative is to identify future leaders and assist them in their personal and professional development.

2014 Winners

From a pleasing number of high quality submissions received in 2014 the jury selected 3 worthy applicants. These talented individuals will receive £5,000 towards their chosen courses.

Peter Hilton from Comag, has completed a programme, entitled “Leadership Process” at Ashridge Business School. Peter demonstrated a clear business and personal need; the judges were pleased to see initiative around retail strategy matched with good working examples of strategic thinking and planning

Alexandra Coates-Newman from Frontline, studied for the CIM – Diploma in Professional Marketing
Alexandra clearly outlined the potential in developing her career within the industry; she demonstrated a clear current and future fit for the course together with clear career goals and aspirations.

Ken Ingham from Smiths News, completed a programme, entitled “Breakthrough Strategic Thinking” at Cranfield University. Ken’s thorough research on available courses, focus on personal development and stretching course content demonstrated a clear long term benefit to his employer

Future Awards

At present ACE is not offering bursaries however it is the objective of ACE to continue to support the development of our colleagues.

During 2016 Ace will be reviewing options for a refreshed Bursary that is intended to commence in 2017.

Further details will appear as news posts and in our newsletters later in the year

Past Winners

In 2014, through reviewing all the written applications we received and a completing a rigorous interview process with the short-listed candidates, we found 2 bright individuals to bestow the bursary funding upon.

A pleasing example was Anya Perry who went to Ashridge Business School to study a programme “Making Strategy Happen”

Anya Perry accepting her Bursary Award from Ace Trustee Frank Straetmans

Anya Perry accepting her Bursary Award from Ace Trustee Frank Straetmans

“At the end of March I attended ‘Making Strategy Happen’ at Ashridge for 4 days with thirteen other people. I couldn’t be more positive about the experience and would really recommend it to others considering broadening their knowledge and experience of strategy execution. I think one of the major benefits of this course has been that it’s given me access to ideas and models that can be used now in my day job, but that will also be relevant for my future career. My warm thanks to ACE for the opportunity to expand my horizons, I believe supporting
people from the industry in this way is a really worthwhile cause.”
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