Summer Pie 2014

Marriott Hotel & Country Club,
7th July 2014

102 bookings this year saw us exceed last years 93 guests. The weather ensured that the guests could enjoy their sporting activities to best advantage and the evening activities and games were received warmly. Join us for the 2015 Summer Pie event on Tuesday 7th July.


In a survey conducted after the event 89% of guests rated the day as Excellent or Very Good with 100% indicating they would recommend to industry colleagues.

2014 Results

Robert Bedford Memorial Golf Trophy
  1. Lee Payne
  2. Graham McDougall
  3. Xenos Foster
Jack Beeson Cricket Trophy
  1. Neil Palmer & Craig Banister
Ken Shuttleworth Bowls Trophy
  1. Davey Smith
  2. Tony McCall
Top Dog Snooker
  1. Derek Gerahty
 Tennis ACE
  1. Robert Rattley

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