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8th December 2020

What is Empower?

Empower is an educational program delivered by ACE to support rising talent in significantly broaden their industry knowledge and to help create new business networks.  Whilst over 10 years old, the celebrated program has had a significant rejuvenation that had seen 5 additional modules added as well as a raft of seminars from senior industry speakers and new in depth content that address current topics and opportunities for publishers and the supply chain.


2020 Empower Supporters

Empower 2020

This year’s Ace Empower Programme is off to a flying start with our 18 delegates for across the industry already completing 6 modules with 8 more modules to follow in early 2021 – all delivered virtually by leading experts from across the industry.

The modules kicked off with a Media Landscape Overview from Earl J.Wilkinson CEO of International News Media Association (INMA) who joined from the States, offering a full picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today – not an easy task in a couple of hours!

Career development module Insights, has offered delegates a framework for developing personal effectiveness, and tools for to discover their own work-place preferences and how to successfully work with other teams – to be put into use across the rest of the programme.

Newspaper Publishing & News Brands Strategies offered a unique front row seat into the commercial strategies of leading UK newspapers The FT & Guardian, and a dive into Magazine Publishing provided by Hearst offered an exciting view into the endless creative possibilities of magazine media.

Delegates this year also have a great group project to complete that will be presented to industry executives at the end of the programme. This year they’ve been asked to think up and present a plan for re-launching an existing product in the market, or creating something brand new – and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Feedback so far has been that it’s been great to be able to see different aspects of the industry, and gain an awareness of areas not usually present in day jobs.

  Tara Lajumoke – MD FT Strategies

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