18th May 2020
Despite huge surges in online traffic and subscriptions seeing good growth, the slowdown in advertising bookings is a huge challenge for publishers and most are still trying to ascertain how much revenue they stand to lose. The New York Times recently announced they estimated a 55% ad revenue shortfall due to the impact of COVID-19, which is pretty indicative of what’s going on in the wider market, with buys from brands being strangled by market hesitancy. So it’s more important than ever for publishers to be creative and understanding of the current market environment when approaching advertisers.

In their insightful reports, Monetising Publisher Inventory During COVID-19, Jellyfish provides practical advice and recommendations on how publishers, both large and small, can navigate through these challenging times. As a digital partner to both brands running advertising campaigns on publisher sites, as well as publishers selling their ad inventory, Jellyfish is uniquely placed to offer advice and support and the reports include suggestions on how to approach buyers with favourable opportunities, as well as technical best practice guidance on ad server set up.

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