Pineapple Media launch Spanish Venture

8th November 2017
UK distributor Pineapple Media Limited are pleased to announce the launch of Pineapple Media España (PME), a magazine and newspaper distribution company for the Spanish market and based in Madrid. PME will offer full newsstand coverage to international and local press product seeking distribution within the Spanish market and offers one of the largest distribution platforms available.

PME have secured a long-term agreement to utilise the distribution platform of Logista Publicaciones, a subsidiary of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in Southern Europe serving some 300,000 points of sale within capillary retail networks in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, so facilitating the best and fastest market access to tobacco related and convenience products, electronic top-ups, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lotteries, among others.

Steve Hobbs, Managing Director of Pineapple Media, said: “Through using the platform of Logista Publicaciones we will be able to offer PME clients access to one of the largest distribution platforms available that includes press retailers, supermarkets, travel points, bookshops and tobacconists. Because we are using a leading platform for distribution we will be able to provide potential clients with a leading data source for their products that includes sales by outlet, category of outlet, coverage by retailer on a local and regional basis. Daily press product will also benefit from data shown by day.”

Javier Colldefors, Managing Director of Logista Publicaciones says “We are happy to have achieved such a partnership with Pineapple Media that brings a great experienced team with a second to none expertise for International Press. Together with our unique knowledge of the Spanish market, we will put all our resources to obtain a perfect combination that will deliver unrivalled benefits to our Publishers.”

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Pineapple Media Limited is a UK based international magazine distributor formed in 2007. PML access distribution platforms in over 70 countries world wide and represent over 200 publisher clients and over 300 individual press products in numerous international languages.

Logista Publicaciones is the leading distributor of periodicals, collectibles and magazines in Spain, with delivery to some 20,000 newsstands and press shops. Its cutting edge IT systems facilitate the most efficient management to publishers and points of sale, with specific customized services including real time information on sales. Also, newsstands and press shops may connect to Logista Publicaciones’ systems to support the point of sale’s management and take full advantage of the company’s services.
Logista Publicaciones client portfolio include Panini, G&J, Planeta DeAgostini, Harper Collins, Prisma Publicaciones, Edigrama, Pléyades, Salvat, Heres/Pronto and Motor Press Iberica, among others.

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