Press Awards Ticket Winners Announced

12th April 2016
An avalanche of competition entries saw the Ace committee judging the submissions made by eager industry colleagues keen to win one of FIVE pairs of tickets to this years Ace Press Awards Thank you so much ! I never win anything. I am so excited!

Our competition entrants were asked to answer some simple questions and then tell us why they thought the Ace Press Awards was such a great event. The Committee judges viewed the submissions anonymously yielding the winners listed below.

  • Sally Summerhayes of Firebrick People
  • Laura Gordon of Marketforce
  • Stefan Wojciechowski of Localink
  • Shannieece Speed from Comag
  • Javier Perez of Marketforce

Congratulations to all the winners

The Ace Press Awards are hosted at The Dorchester – Park Lane – London on Thursday 21st April 2016


Glad rags on and blow-dried hair, Looking fancy now get me there, To the awards for the best news and mags, Nervous faces – did WE pull it out of the bag?  Catching up with old friends as we sip our champagne,  Introductions and hand shakes we work the room like a hurricane,   Now through to dinner and plenty of wine,   Conversation flowing before it is time,   For awards to be presented to the best in each class,  Clapping and cheering and chinking of glass,  Well done to the winners you did it yippee!  Straight to the bar for a double G&T,   We all hit the dance floor for a good old bop,  The band are amazing – don’t let them stop!  Sadly it’s over, we exit in hoards,  Another great night at the ACE press Awards! Bringing hard working employees within the industry together, to celebrate yearly success stories and continuous ground breaking ideas for the World of Print.  Its a chance to promote and show all in the business  how diverse and passionate  this industry has become to success and change in an ever demanding World  for Magazines and newspapers In the times of a challenging market place, where change is affecting us all, it feels rewarding to redress the balance through the ACE awards by recognising the astonishing talents within our industry.  It’s important for our industry to recognise the loyalty that a particular staff member has brought to their brand, and of the enhanced reputation an accolade like this can bring to an organisation.  Entering awards can not only focus a management team on the business’s strengths and weaknesses, but it can also prove a major morale booster to employees. I love the celebration of all that is best about the UK newspaper and magazine publishing industry especially the meeting up of colleagues and old friends around the excitement of the Awards in such prestigeous surroundings.  What I love most about the Ace Press Awards is that it is a chance for people from the industry to get to together and celebrate the success and receive recognition for all their hard work and innovative ideas. I also admire that the awards take place in such an iconic hotel in the heart of London. Lastly  I think that the award categories that people can nominate for are diverse and they capture a variety of expertise.    


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