Subscriptions show a 90% to a 230% jump in YOY volume across March

9th April 2020
ACE committee member Carola York – (VP Publishing at Jellyfish) let us know about their latest subscription trend report to their COVID-19 portal for publishers. This report is a treasure chest of encouraging information for almost all publication categories in the digital and subscription

The Report

Carola advised us Jellyfish are regularly being asked how performance for particular brands are doing vs others, she added the graphs in the report show trends in page views across key categories for (print – UK only) and (digital – Global, UK and US) so this data can be used by publishers for benchmarking their own subs growth across all channels in this period against the wider market.

Click on the link below – then just click on the ‘pop out’ icon on the top right of the report to read it full screen

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  1. Individual magazine subscription acquisition campaigns run by Jellyfish saw anywhere from a 90% to a 230% jump in YOY volume across March, and forecasts for April are looking just as promising.
  2. It is expected that consumers buying subscriptions now will have time to properly consume them, which should help with long term retention.
  3. Trend data shows there is not only increasing interest in people buying subscriptions for themselves, but also as gifts for others.
  4. There has also been a spike in interest in purchasing single print issues for postal delivery.


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