We host many types of event. Our focus is networking for colleagues working in our industry. We deliver this through celebration dinners, sporting events and education programmes

27 Feb

Empower 2018

The Empower program was introduced in 2009 by the then Ace Chair Sharon Douglas of Hearst Magazines and quickly became THE program to develop up and coming industry executives. Overview Participants come face to face with over 30 industry experts to share knowledge and network: 12 Half Day seminars and site visits Engage with industry […]

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3 May

Newspaper & Magazine Awards 2018

A host of award categories will recognize the broadest functions across digital & print applauding those innovative ideas and individuals that lead our success. About the Event The evening will be simply spectacular from beginning to end. As soon as you arrive at the sumptuous venue, you will hit the red carpet and strike a pose for the paparazzi, then rub […]

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7 Jun

It’s A Knockout 2018

About “ACE” It’s a Knockout It’s a Knockout ® is the grand daddy of team events. Get everyone together for an unforgettable activity that’s fun, competitive and completely unique. A brilliant bonding experience, It’s a Knockout ® is the best way to spark the old team spirit. Put the enjoyment back into team building with […]

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