12 Days of Christmas – Two Turtle Doves

2nd December 2020
Day two of our 12 days of Christmas messages from ACE focuses on sharing the important charitable work that the Pass It On team at Smiths News are providing in helping the homeless on the streets of Great Britain.

What is Pass It On?

Pass It On is a charitable initiative set up to support homeless & vulnerable people in the UK. Working in partnership with local organisations, corporate partners and the Smith News network of volunteers, they deliver warm clothing, essential items, hot food and a friendly face to vulnerable people living on the streets.

The Pass It On team works hard to provide tangible benefits to homeless and vulnerable people primarily in the coldest months of the year. In many cases working as an outreach team to get the vital supplies to those in most in need. The Pass It On team partner with charities and small organisations working in several cities to enhance their offering of essential supplies too. This also helps the team identify areas that need support. In some cities – and especially in the early days – the volunteers simply walk the streets, meeting those who value help.

As spokesperson for the charity said ” We’ve had a fantastic year so far from gaining our official charity status to being awarded the ‘NewstrAid Philanthropist of the Year’ at the virtual Newspaper & Magazine Awards 2020! To continue our success we want to update you on our plans for our Winter 2021 campaign and how you can get involved…. ”

Winter 2021 campaign

This winter will be the teams biggest ever campaign.  With the implications of COVID-19 still unwinding, its likely to be a particularly difficult winter for those living on the streets – so the team are planning more distributions and only delivering the vital items that those in need require. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year the team can no longer collect pre loved items and clothes, instead they are looking for donations of key essential items that are brand new. This can include items such as roll-on deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste and feminine products. This will allow the volunteers to create a hugely valuable brand new care packages and help to keep everyone safe during this difficult period.

  • Get involved by making a donation at your local Smiths News depot or offices – making a donation is easy, simply wrap your items in a bin liner type plastic bags and leave in one of the donation bins at our depots and offices! You can find your local drop off point here
  • You can also get involved by making a donation to our Just Giving page 
Donate now  >

Any donation are gratefully received and the great thing is that all of the items the team buy or have donated directly help those living on the streets, giving the lasting benefits as well as a friendly interaction by someone who is willing to take the time.

For any further information on Pass It On – visit our new website here! and don’t forget to follow them on social media!@passitonofficial



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