15,000ft Adrenaline Hit!

3rd April 2017
After two failed attempts Martin Hoskins finally got to jump out of a plane from 15,000 ft over the Nottinghamshire countryside to raise funds for Alex’s Wish {the charity that supports his 10yr old nephew } 

I can safely say I have never been so scared in my life and I was a bag of nerves all morning. The worst part was definitely when they opened the plane shutter door , killed the engine and I was ushered to the door. Sitting in a plane door with the wind rushing past you , looking down at clouds is an experience. The skydive free fall part is an incredible adrenaline rush and words don’t do it justice. The feeling of then slowly gliding back down to earth ,once your parachute has opened, is one of relief but I was still concerned that the straps holding me to the instructor / chute wouldn’t hold. The feeling of landing in one piece is one of elation and a real sense of achievement.


Martin reported “There’s a magic in getting geared up and chucking yourself out the door of a “perfectly good airplane””. Experienced jumpers will tell you that you will never be the same again. (First of all, you will never again make reference to a “perfectly good airplane” with a knowing smile, ’cause you will finally know that the best part of any aircraft is the moment you get to jump out of it.)

Martin and his friend Dave’s selfless venture has most importantly, with gift aid, raised £3079.37 ,which is an absolutely incredible amount for such a great cause.

Martin would like to pass on his thanks from the bottom of his heart for the incredible kindness and words of encouragement received form industry colleagues over the last few weeks.!


If you have not already sponsored Martin’s superb feat you can via the link below

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