Dr Linda’s top tips for your mental health

3rd April 2020
A recent virtual event video on mental health presented by Nick Gold (Managing Director of Speakers Corner Agency) offered a wealth of advice and practical tips on how to maintain our own and our colleagues mental health during these unprecedented times

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

The team here at ACE were particularly impressed with the contribution from Dr Linda who is one of the most well-known and respected psychologists working in the UK today.

Dr Linda gave some helpful tips and measures to guide us all through the current challenges. She highlighted “are you getting the basics right?” separate what you can control from what you cannot Positive thinking…Brexit was divisive (for society) but Coronavirus is proving connective

You can view Dr Linda’s and the three eminent other participants contributions by accessing the link below (you may want to scroll 3 minutes in to get straight to Linda);

ViewVideoEvent >

Details of all speakers

The speaker appearing after Dr Linda is Mark Henick, a mental health expert who shared his incredible journey with mental illness and suicide, and helped us refocus our attention on hope, recovery and how to ask for help when we need it most.

The event ends with Dr. Aaron Balick, a psychotherapist and cultural theorist who began his speech with a deeply relaxing re-centering practice that required focus and deep breathing. He questioned whether we where holding space for ourselves, and how we could create safe spaces for others while continuing to ground ourselves in times of unprecedented change.

Professor Adrian Furnham, who is renowned as one of the most productive psychologists in the world, delivered a pre-recording ahead of our virtual event to share insights on how businesses can help support their employees mental health during this period.

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