Empower adds Newsbrands NEW strategies for 2020

17th September 2020
The retail landscape is changing and display advertising is under greater pressure from online giants Google and Facebook. NEW to Empower 2020 this module will highlight what makes a quality newspaper publisher tick and importantly how they are developing their brands online.


Newspaper publishers in the face of slowing print sales volumes are seeking more innovation within their supply chain to maintain sales revenue and are innovating to develop brand presence and income streams outside their historic print base


By the end of the module the delegates will….

  • Understand the strategic links between editorial, channels, revenue streams and readership
  • Have witnessed the diverging approaches “quality” news brands have taken to develop their brands beyond print
  • Gain a better view of the future how these brands are structuring for the 20’s and 30’s

The Newsbrands NEW Strategies  module is one of 14 modules comprising the ACE Empower programme and will be hosted online on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th November 2020.

Highly valued across the industry the ACE Empower programme commences on Thursday 29th October 2020.

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