Fly like Jagger

23rd September 2016
In bright sunshine and slight winds Trinity Mirror’s Neil Jagger took a leap of faith with a 120mph skydive to raise funds for Newstraid {the industry charity} 


There’s a magic in getting geared up and chucking yourself out the door of a “perfectly good airplane. Experienced jumpers will tell you that you will never be the same again. (First of all, you will never again make reference to a “perfectly good airplane” with a knowing smile, ’cause you will finally know that the best part of any aircraft is the moment you get to jump out of it.)

Neil’s selfless venture today has raised significant funds for our industry charity Newstraid. Whether the experience has changed his whole perspective on life we don’t yet know. However we have read that it can bestow sweeping confidence, shift the way you look at life’s challenges; after all: if you can jump out of a plane with a smile, you can do anything–naysayers be damned!


If you have not already sponsored Neil’s superb feat you can via the link below

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I somehow managed to agree to do a tandem skydive despite being pretty damn scared of heights, I am thrilled to have completed the feat ably supported by my colleagues at The Mirror. A big thank you to all those who supported this jump through your generous sponsorship.

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