How is working at home for you?

3rd April 2020
The team at ACE wanted to discover how colleagues in our industry were coping with home working. We wanted to hear what was working out well at home and gauge your views at this unprecedented time

We found that your responses to our short survey were highly uplifting in facing up to these wholly unexpected challenges.


A BIG THUMBS UP FOR EMPLOYERS! – Our feedback found that you had given a great big thumbs up for your employers, feeding back that employers had been proactive, supportive and considerate in preparing you for working from home.

HAPPY AT HOME – Our survey showed that you feel your home work area is comfortable and productive.

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE – The survey showed that colleagues and the industry are coming together to talk and are really taking the initiative now more than ever before to help each other.

The best thing about working at home is

Better work / life balance

Unlimited tea and coffee (and the coffee is better!)

Not having to get up at 5.00am

Getting things done (less intrusion)

Not travelling 2 hours per day

Freedom to cook lunch, do a workout etc



My biggest working at home challenge is

  • Increased calls and emails getting in way of doing productive work
  • Distraction from kids at home / home schooling as well as working / Kids. They require attention, feeding and love.
  • Taking breaks / keeping business hours separate from private time
  • Missing working with real people! / Motivation
  • Avoiding snacking! / Not enough tea being made! / Snacks – Too readily available!
  • Switching off / Getting exercise and ignoring emails
  • Internet Connection / speed

ACE’s Top Ten Tips for getting the best out of working at home

  • Keep regular working hours
  • Remember to keep work time and personal time separate
  • Plan your day and objectives
  • Take breaks and change the scenery once in a while
  • Dress like it’s a work day
  • Make sure your home office is organised and comfortable
  • Keep your work area clean
  • Make time to contact a colleague to keep in touch and support
  • Don’t forget to get out for a walk
  • Have a sign on door to let kids know when in a conference


The feedback received from you just confirmed how colleagues across the newspaper and magazine industry are both adaptive, flexible and going the extra mile to ensure Britain is kept supplied with their favourite sources of information. We would like to hear and share your stories of colleagues that continue to keep the industry wheels turning you can let us know through Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn #ACENEWSANDMAGSSTARS


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