Gold Key Media launches “Seeds for Nurses” Campaign

23rd February 2021
“Gold Key Media and Project Wingman in conjunction with Bauer Media and Chelsea Magazines have today launched an initiative  to coincide with the imminent arrival of Spring, that will see them give away 100’s of thousands of packets of seeds to NHS staff in hospitals across the UK.


The Wellbeing campaign, titled “Seeds 4 Nurses” will be launched within “Project Wingman Lounges” located at hospitals across the UK as well as on their mobile double decker bus lounge. Project Wingman is a Charity set up in April 2020 by airline pilot, Captain Emma Henderson MBE who had a vision to create a 1st Class airport lounge experience in hospitals to support hard working NHS workers during their arduous shifts. The charity has managed to assemble a volunteer workforce of 6,000 furloughed aircrews from across the airline sector and every airline operating in the UK is represented. Their Wellness Lounges are staffed daily by furloughed pilots and cabin crew, with the aim of allowing frontline NHS staff a safe, calm and relaxing environment where they can temporarily escape their daily ordeals with free and donated goodies such as a cup of tea, a snack, a magazine and a smiling face.


The “Seeds 4 Nurses” initiative has been conceived by Gold Key Media due to the forced re-scheduling of the Chelsea Flower Show. Realising that many publishers would have seeds that would have seeds originally destined for the event, the team at Gold Key Media asked publishers to support their campaign to give the NHS a Wellbeing initiative that focusses on a positive outlook for the Spring of 2021, giving hope, colour and growth for a brighter future.


Large donations of seeds with a retail value in excess of £400,000 have been secured and kindly donated by publishers Bauer Media and Chelsea Magazines.


Gold Key Media began supporting Project Wingman in April 2020 and through enormous support from their clients have since managed to source, donate and deliver over £3.5 million worth of donated publications, snacks and beauty products to the NHS via Project Wingman”.


Chris Horn, Managing Director of Gold Key Media said; “Planting seeds in the Spring is such a positive and therapeutic experience, If this initiative helps some of our amazing NHS nurses and workers battling away daily on the front lines to feel positive and good about the future that would be a perfect result for me. Project Wingman is an incredible charity that create thousands of smiles with NHS workers every day and they provide a unique solution to ensure the seeds will find the most deserving and appropriate homes”.


Captain Emma Henderson MBE, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Wingman said;

“We have been so grateful at Project Wingman for all the support that Gold Key Media have provided over the last year. I really love “Seeds for Nurses” especially given the known effects of gardening on mental health and wellbeing and am really looking forward to seeing some of the results”


Project Wingman has proven to be a ray of sunshine in the lives of NHS staff during the storm of Covid, but has also been a rock for aircrew to cling to in such uncertain times and we aim to continue to provide wellbeing support to the NHS for as long as it is needed”





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